How to use Microsoft Office 365 at the University of Derby by Cristina Simion

Might be hard to be a new student, but the University of Derby created the UDo platform in order to make our journey easier.

Not sure how to access your account? Google UDo, go to the website and introduce your account details.

The platform provides all the information a student need for their degree- from information about course, personal tutor, fees, timetable, to all the modules materials, and moreover, unlimited access to all the tools Office 365 offers. For accessing it, click on Inbox.

Use it online or download the tools on your computer for free.

The most used tool available is the email, which you, as a student, have been given at the beginning of your first year. That is the place where you keep in touch with your teachers, as well as other services of the university, such as the library or the careers hub.


Not so many students are aware of the One Drive Space available for free while studying at the University. Click on OneDrive tool to use it for storing private documents or for sharing projects with your teachers or colleagues. You have the possibility to do group projects and see all the changes that have been made in a document.

You have probably already used before these next three tools, but Office 365 offers you all of them on an online platform, so you do not have to worry about spending time downloading and installing them. The online versions have the same features so you can easily do your projects.

You can choose to save the documents created online, as well as saving a copy on your computer.





As a student, managing time can be quite tricky, with all the work you have to do for your classes, the deadlines coming, and maybe on top of you have a job as well. One Note can be your personalised calendar and notebook. Add in all of your notes, tutorials, deadlines, and you can easily have an online agenda which can be accessed from a computer or even your phone.

If you need help understanding how to use this tool, here is a website offering tutorials on each of the available options within One Note: .


Fancy blogging? Own a public website or just use it as a platform for your team work. The Share Point is your intranet in your pocket.  You can access internal sites, documents and other information from everywhere, and it is an app available even on your mobile device.


Created for those passionate about blogging and publishing, Sway is a tool which helps you to express ideas more interactive. It offers you multiple templates to start with and produce professional designs using any materials you might have, from text, to images and videos, maps and even more. If you need a bit of help in order to start, it has tutorials integrated.

If you want to discover all the tools Office 365 offers, click on its logo and you have the possibility to access them.

If you need help with using any of the available tools, go to  and get the help you need in a second.

For video tutorials, you can access .



Author: Matt Howcroft

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