REVIEW: Office Mix for PowerPoint

Supporting the teachers and students when it comes to interaction, Office Mix transforms Power Point presentations into online lessons.

The tool might be useful for someone who wants to deliver a lesson, or a training for example, but has no knowledge of video editing.

Office Mix offers a wide range of tools, created to help those who struggle making presentation and it even integrated a few new options, which PowerPoint does not have.

Apart from the fact that the presentation you will be creating can be available online, you can also screen record, digital ink, add audio and video, add quiz, play at a slower or a faster speed and many more other options.

For installing Office Mix, you need to have the PowerPoint version from 2013, or a newer one.

You can download Office Mix from here:

The setup is very simple to install and you can use it right away.

The tool opens with a few instructions for you to understand what is it about.

For a more detailed introduction to Office Mix, check out their tutorials right here: .

(Welcome to Office Mix! In this quick tutorial you will learn how to install the Office Mix add-in, how to record audio and inking and lastly, you will learn how to securely upload and share your mix. Happy mixing!)

User guide


Go to Insert and click on Audio. You will find two options there. If you want to upload an audio file from you PC click on the first option, but if you want to record, click on Record Audio.


Go to Insert and click on Video. There will be two options. Either you upload a video from your PC, wither one from YouTube or any other site which provides you the embed code.


Go to Draw for using the digital ink tool. You will find there quite a few options, from different types of Pens, Colours and Thickness, to Eraser or Lasso Select (which helps you move/delete everything you select at once). Click on Draw with Touch to start drawing.
















  • QUIZ

Go to Mix and click on Quizzes Video App. You will be able to see a few quiz options. Choose one, trust it and you can now see how the quiz will look like. Fill the quiz questions and answers, adjust or move the quiz if you want to, but do not forget to preview it and make sure everything is in its place.

Here is a short tutorial, for a better understanding of this tool: .



Go to Mix a click on Upload to Office Mix. The process is not too complicated, but check out this short tutorial that shows you what can you do after uploading the presentation online.

Here is the tutorial: .

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